Our Specialised Suite of Services

Components Kitting & Full Assembly

Setting the performance bar for kitting, we leverage our unmatched in-house capabilities to get you ready for your production floor. Our finished kits have helped clients scale up output by being supplied with accurately crafted materials that feed straight into their manufacturing process. All requisite parts will be pre-packed in exact quantity, screened and verified before being assembled as part of an efficient in-house process for timely delivery, thereby ensuring minimal downtime to save you time, money and space.

Supplied by RAW Technologies with full traceability, our designs also take into account the components’ end use as per discussions with our customers. Free up your staff for core duties instead of spending time on rectifying supplier errors, and enjoy lower logistics costs with less usage of precious space on your factory floor.

Our experts are ready to advise you on various options for kitting and assembly (assembly kit, installation kit, maintenance kit, sub-assembly, etc.) to help you optimise your operational advantage!

Manufacturing of High-Precision Machined Parts

From concept to physical, realise your design with our precision machining capabilities. With an emphasis on temperature-controlled manufacturing and stringent quality control, we craft components and parts with very tight tolerance, ensuring every item that leaves our production premises fulfils your custom demands.

Our controlled ECN process further reduces the risk of errors at each stage of the manufacturing operation, detailing each change so that they can be correctly captured and implemented into the build for minimal liability.

Sourcing for Raw Materials & Repackaging

Have specific requirements for your custom-built project? Our sourcing and repackaging service is the answer! By providing convenience and consolidation through gathering the exact amount of raw materials you need, we free up your staff to handle mission-critical tasks. Enjoy sped-up machine built, lowered logistical and storage costs, with the advantage of simplified inventory management and reduced waste.

All parts will come in the exact quantity and specifications required, delivered to you in the most optimal way possible.

Prototyping and Research & Development (R&D)

Test if your concepts are fit to the purpose with our machining prototyping service for quick, single-item production, right from initial stages.

Here at RAW Technologies, we have worked closely with our customers from the onset of their product development phase to help them save time and overall production costs. By integrating ourselves early and providing sub-assemblies during their R&D phases, our team of qualified engineers will be able to provide much-needed technical advice and support to help expedite product development, adding value to our customers’ processes.

Design and Drawing Support

We support you on your journey of converting concepts into ready products! Working with our clients to render accurate models of their drawing or design, our engineers and technicians have the know-how and expertise to simplify and speed up design for manufacture and assembly process, saving you time and cost while ensuring you get the optimal fit.


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